Poker Fun on the Weekend

Poker Fun on the Weekend

The neighborhood around my home has been getting louder. They are building new residential apartments to bring in more people. The area I live has always been a beautiful, quiet area but lately, new construction has overtaken my area. Now they’re building skyscrapers and tall finance buildings. It’s alright I guess and its pretty amazing to see construction company build from the ground up brand new homes for people to live in. Every morning, I see the Albertelli Construction group working on the build on the new residence. I am worried about traffic, though. During certain times of the day, it would be easier to stay home. But I am just like most people; I have to get up every morning and go to work.

That is why I am looking forward to the weekend. I have a cool local poker game with some friends and rivals. As an avid poker player, I wanted to learn a little bit about the history of this game. Poker is pretty serious in America and has been called the card game of the United States.

Some of the earliest forms of poker can be dated as far back at 1526, its history tracing back to Spain, Italy, and France each country with a different version of the game. In those old days, the focus was on three cards. Over time, the poker we know developed throughout the world until the game reached the English-speaking territories of the Louisiana Territory. The settlers changed the name from “Poque” to “Poker.”

Some of the earliest record in American history is from the memoirs of an English teacher called Joe Cowell. He wrote in his book about how the pokers games he encountered and played was a deck that has five cards to each player. After all the cards had been dealt, the players would bet on who had the best card combination. By the time poker was reference again in 1834, the deck of cards had consisted of 52 cards.  However, there were no real written rules. I guess people in those days played by old rules and mixed in whatever variation they wanted. Or it could just be as likely that no one wanted to waste precious paper writing down the rules of a game. I think that because there were so many variations of the game and features. The massive change to the game came along during the Civil War as it was a game played by both warring sides.

A set of instructions were finally made for Poker in 1872, when Colonel Jacob Schenck, the US Minister to Great Britain wrote a little book of instruction to Queen Victoria. She was interested in the game and wanted to learn to play. It was the Colonel that described poker as “Our National Game”. Our poker was unique to other card games at that time.

I love poker as it is evident to see. I can’t wait for this weekend when I am out playing with my friends and get away from all the madness and construction. Read More...

On The Move Again

On the Move Again

Moving from State to stateWell, not me. My brother moved closer to me, and I am really excited. My brother and I are really close. While I am happy about my move, it can get lonely in a big city, having a familiar face move near me is just what I need to make my own new move a lot more bearable. However, the move was not as tolerable. My brother is moving across state lines and over the years of living in his apartment, he had accumulated a lot of stuff. He needed to get rid of a few things, well not just a few. For his big move, he needed just the bare important things. Our sister had the great idea to throw a garage sale. It was an excellent idea because he could get rid of items that he did not need but also earn a little extra spending cash for the road.

Yard-SaleWith her kids help, we had the handmade signs pinned around the neighborhood. While she and her children handle the marketing. My brother and I went through the items that he was considering of letting go. It was important for us to check through each of the items because we didn’t want that we had spare dollars or valuable items in any of the stuff he wanted to sell. It was a good thing that we did check the items because my brother had a spare $20 in one of his jeans pants. A pair of jeans he was going to sell for 7 dollars. That would have been tragic.

We sorted through items and began putting them in the front yard. My sister marked each item with price tags while her little son taped the prices on each item. My brother came up with the idea of having a spare extension cord available. That way when customers were interested in any of the electronics, they could check if it turned on and worked well enough to go home with them.

With all hands on deck and with help from my little nephew and nieces, we managed to have a successful garage sale, and my brother had spare cash that he could use on the road which helps saved on expenses. Once everything was cleared out, my brother needed the right movers that would help him move his stuff safely. After some research and word of mouth advice, we found Busy Bee Movers. They had many years of experience handling long distance moves. This is exactly what we needed. We needed a reliable company that understood our needs and concerns for a successful move. They were friendly and honest, so we were happy, especially my brother. He had a whole lot going on with a new job and new city. Although he was jubilant, it was a stressful time for him. Busy Bee’s Movers in Dallas understood this and helped us keep calm by being reliable, sensitive and hard working. My brother got a fair price and all of his stuff arrived safely. Busy Bee Movers was a good choice. Overall, this new move was pretty fun and relatively stress-free. Read More...

Moving into my man cave

Moving into My Man Cave

Moving houses has always been in my ‘things I never want to do’ list. When I firsMoving Boxest learned of my promotion at work, I was ecstatic, over the moon, you name it. After a mini party at the office, I headed home. As soon as I walked through the door, it hit me. I had to move to Fort Lauderdale. My heart sank, but I decided to be tactful. I called my sisters and mates and offered pay and other desperate promises in exchange for help moving but I was met with a ‘No Carlos, I’m busy’ every time. My nosy neighbor saved the day when she came by the following morning with a brochure for a moving company, Top Notch Movers. How she found out about my situation, I’ll never know. How in the world did I not think about a moving company?

I performed a background search on the company when I got to the office. It appeared credible, but I was further convinced when a colleague mentioned that his girlfriend had used their services before, and they were a professional lot. I was sold at this and decided to make a call immediately and successfully set up an appointment for the next day. When I first searched for Fort Lauderdale movers, I had no idea that I would find all I needed and more with Top Notch.

Great Customer Care Service

From what I’d seen on their website, I had high hopes, and they did not fall short of my expectations. I was met with professionalism from the moment I walked in through their doors to when I walked out. The receptionist was kind enough to usher me to the person who was going to walk with me all the way. My house is a basic man cave. Nothing special but I treasure everything in there no matter how crappy everyone else thinks it is. The meeting was a success and the moving worries were pushed to the back of my head. We set a date for the actual moving day. At the back of my mind, I was worried that they were going to forget or mess things up but they proved me wrong.

Impressive Time Keeping Skills

I made a call to Top Movers a day before the big move and to my surprise, they called me by name and assured me that our date was intact and that the moving guys were briefed and ready for the job. On the big day, the movers got to my house 5 minutes before the agreed time and stayed in the driveway setting up and organizing themselves. I ushered them in, and the job began.

Team of Professionals

The level of professionalism that I observed from these movers was exceptional. It seemed as if everyone knew exactly where they were supposed to be and what they were supposed to be doing. There was no confusion at all. I supervised the job for a few minutes, and when satisfied that my stuff was in excellent care, I headed out to my new man cave in Lauderdale. A few hours later, I saw their big truck drive up and park right outside my new house. I was over the moon by now as it was fast. The movers got in and asked me how I needed the house organized. Of course, I had no particular order, so I asked them to surprise me. 45 minutes later, my house was done and done perfectly. Couldn’t be more impressed. My furniture was well taken care of and nothing was broken, everything was handled with utmost respect I must say. Read More...

What Happens in Miami

What Happens In Miami, Stays in Miami

It seems like Pitt, one of my childhood friends, is aging faster than the rest of us. It was yet another birthday of his, and this meant making a trip down to Miami. Besides the beautiful beaches, this was a perfect opportunity to get away from my day to day routine.

Road Trip

Miami LogoSo I up the guys, three of our other childhood friends and headed to the local store for some road trip supplies; cold beers for them and soda for me. No one gets to drive Sally apart from me. Pitt was over the moon that we’d make it in time for the celebration of the newest addition to his grey hair collection and his obviously receding hairline. We were all excited for the chance to meet beautiful ever in bikini beauties. I don’t care what anyone says, Miami girls are just as we see them on TV. I’d gladly suck in my wobbly ‘one pack’ if it meant getting a second glance from any of them.

The Reunion

We arrived in Miami late in the evening; the party was scheduled for the next day, so we were pretty early. Such reunions are perfect opportunities to remind each other of our embarrassing childhood experiences. We never pass up an opportunity to notify new friends of Pitt’s humongous ears back in the day and his bushy unibrow. My little brother was convinced that he was an alien. Pitt should thank his lucky stars that his head grew into the floppy ears, and a genius somewhere invented tweezing.

After dinner, we fireplaceall bundled up on the couch in front of the fireplace for some relaxation but then I realized that I forgot to pack my pyjamas. I knew Pitt would offer his, but I intend to be an easy guest wherever I go. I figured out I’d hop into Sally and look for the closest store and get a pair. I gave a flimsy excuse of needing to get something from the car. No one paid much attention, so it was an easy escape. I’m either unlucky or stores in Miami are a long drive away. I finally found one after a 30 minutes drive around, I bought the damn pyjamas and headed towards my car. I only realized my mistake when I tried to open it; I’d locked the keys in the car. What a disaster!

This is where my naturally awkward self-starts to sweat profusely and continuously checking my pockets as if I keep an emergency time machine in there for the emergency. I’d left my phone in my jacket which was over at Pitt’s so I couldn’t call on any of them to come get me. There were no taxi’s around so that option was out as well.

Sometimes I’m convinced that nature has something against me. A really sick red Porsche drove up to me, and some of the hottest ladies offered me a ride that I confidently turned down. If I’d hopped in, I’d have left a sweaty print of myself on the cool seats. Having light bulb moments in the middle of a crisis is my strongest quality. Okay, in addition to sweating a small swamp. I headed back to the store and asked the manager for help. He calmly dialled some number and asked that someone be sent over to his store.

Speedy Response

A few minutes later, a tall guy walked through the doors and identified himself as Carl from Miami Locksmiths. I’d never been so grateful in my life for such a speedy response time. The guy got the car open in a matter of seconds, and that was the end of my misery. Read More...

Catering for My Last Super Bowl Party

Catering for My Last Super Bowl Party

If the definition of a party is heading out to the liquor store, grabbing a few beers and inviting 2 or 3 friends over to watch a game, then I qualify as the biggest party thrower of the year.

A party should be just that, a party. Not a slaving occasion to serve and tend to guest all night long. If this was the case, you’d be better off sending food and drinks over to their houses as you sit back and enjoy a Super Bowl game with a remote in hand at your den. When throwing a party, you should have ample time to spend with your guests at all times. Getting stuck in the kitchen as the rest of the boys enjoy the Super Bowl isn’t ideal.

It was an uneventful week so I decided to gather the boys for a get-together party as we watch my last Super Bowl at my cave before I relocated. It was a random idea and I only had a few days to get everything ready for the party. Most people, including me, don’t know zilch as far as party planning is concerned. Therefore, there was only one option available; Hiring a catering service. One that would do a little bit more than just prepare and deliver food and drinks.

I have a pal who’s the to-go guy with such matters. He’s like a walking google. Ask him anything and he’ll give you an answer on the spot. When I approached him with my little dilemma, he straight away recommended Eden Catering. All I know is that catering service providers cook and bring food and drinks to the table, but I also know there’s more to this. There was only one way to find out.

Living in a digital world means that the fastest way to get information about a company is through an online search. I needed some bits of information in order to understand what I should get from the service provider in the first place. No way I was going to embarrass myself with the lack of information.

Personalized Attention to Clients

I made a call and asked some basic questions then booked an appointment for the same day. When I went over, I was impressed with the setup and the level of professionalism displayed by their staff members. I got a chance to speak to the person in charge and explained my dilemma. It was really short notice but thankfully, they are adequately staffed so getting things organized wasn’t a problem to them. I paid for the service and was assured that the party would be a success.

Excellent Time Management Skills

On the D-day, the bar attendants from the Eden Catering service showed up in time and impressively set up their working stations. They were organized and well coordinated so everything looked great. Within an hour or so, my guests started trickling in and the party began. Had it not been for their excellent time management skills, the party would have been a flop. Nothing kills the party vibe more than bumping into caterers as they try to set up and move trays and crates of food and drinks around. It always feels as if you got to the party too early.

Satisfactory Mobile Bar Services

When everyone, along with their uninvited friends, got there, the party officially started. Eden mobile bar Service made it appear so professional. They brought their own drinks and would expertly make cocktails, serve beer, scotch, whiskey, bitings as well as any other refreshment that my guests wanted. I didn’t have to lift a finger. Read More...

The Perfect Website

Who Helped Me Design the Perfect Website?

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m glad to say that I’m digitalized in terms of taking my business online. My business website has tremendously changed my life in ways I never imagined. There’s no need to leave the house to conduct business. I am able to reach out to my customers right in the comfort of my home. Where else on earth will you be granted the opportunity to hold live business meetings with clients wearing a nice shirt, tie and blazer with nothing but briefs underneath?

As the rest of the world embraces technology, my parents have adamantly refused to give it a try. Last Christmas, I gifted my dad a high tech expensive tablet and even installed wifi in his house. A week later, I decided to drop by to watch him admit just how wrong he was not to do this sooner. I found him in the kitchen preparing a sandwich for lunch. I almost had a heart attack when I saw him using the tablet as the chopping surface. He went a step further and throw it in the dishwasher right after. I swear I died and resurrected a few times that night. He’s such an enemy of progress it’s unbelievable.

Both my websites are done by one of the most genius web designers in existence, a Graphic Advantage! The company that I formerly worked for had their website done by them so I decided to contact them for mine too. Sometimes, I pass for a lazy person. What are shortcuts for? Why should I manually search for a good website designer when there’s one right under my nose.


We set up an appointment and after outlining my expectations, I was convinced that I was in the right place. They explained some basics about having a functional website in depth. A good website needs to be highly functional in serving your customers fast and easy.
It should load fast, have clear navigation tools, give easy direction and be attractive. Clients should be hungry for more right from the moment that they log into it to when they check out.

A Template That Works

Normally, uses popular pre-made templates as a basis for your website. However, these templates may lack some essential details that in sync with your business. If what they have available does not favor your business, they custom make a new template for you. One that employs the exact tools to sell, share information, schedule services and build a fan base.

Graphic Advantage follows strict step by step guidelines to ensure that they meet the client’s needs and expectations. First, they create adequate time in order to learn all about your company; clientele, ideas, and format of your site. They will take notes on details about your business and collect appropriate images for it. They might take a tour to other established websites which offer similar services to yours in order to help you build ideas.

Create Content

This is what will keep people coming back to your website; the content, image, words and tools. You will be advised to include details such as pictures, of your products, shopping carts, customer care forms, sales copies, infographics to simplify concepts and testimonials to prove credibility.

Organize Content

Any good website should have the most important information easily accessible to customers in order to get them hooked and hungry for more. You want the content to tell them where they are and how to proceed. A sitemap will be created in this step. You will be amazed to see how the pages connect to each other. Read More...

Whats a Man Cave without a Sick Ride

What’s a Man Cave Without a Sick Ride?

Where would I be without my man cave? Probably somewhere curled up on the ground in a straight jacket singing war songs. A more important question is ‘What’s a man cave without a sick ride?’ Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for man caves. If my parents were psychic, they’d have built a man cave for me instead of a nursery. I probably should charge for this unique idea. However, there are a lot of things that I give unnecessarily much attention to other than man caves, Cars. Slick cars are man’s best friend. Right after man caves of course.

I wonder how life was before I bought my ride. This piece of mechanical perfection has done so much for me, more than anyone could ever imagine. It almost feels like we have an intense relationship that no one can understand. When I first set my eyes on curvy Sally (yeah, she has a name), I instantly knew that she was the missing piece to my puzzle of life. Not only is it sleek, it’s a strong and faithful companion. It is a gift to me and I would be selfish not to give something back to Sally. A high-performance exhaust was the perfect reward.

My Benz is perfect in every way, but a new exhaust system would take it to the next level and there was only one company fit for the job, Gexhaust. With a sick car in your possession, you’re bound to know a few details and secrets related to cars. For many years, I’ve seen all of my friends spruce up their rides with the expert help of Gexhaust. When I first approached them, I knew that this is a highly passionate company that has dedicated its time and skills to cars. I believe in the balance of nature especially on the things that are entrusted to your care. There are some specific features which make Gexhaust the perfect choice.

Why Choose Gexhaust?

Extensive List of Services

With Gexhaust, one is assured of perfection regardless of where the problem is. This company is known to perform a variety of fix ups on cars. They also can give old cars the much-needed lift to offer them a second chance in life. However, there are specific functions that this group of genius individuals are best known for; catalytic converter replacement, exhaust sales, auto repair, muffler and intake installation and custom performance exhaust. For every client that walks in through their doors, Gexhaust offers then a free computerized diagnosis, free car repair estimates as well free exhaust tips.

Adequate Experience & Skills

There are a lot of reasons as to why one should consider this dedicated company for all their vehicles’ needs. To begin with, this company has been in operation since the year 2004. Imagine all the knowledge and skills that they have acquired for the past 10+ years. Their passion and vision have never dwindled at all. Come to think of it, this may explain why they still are Hollywood and South Florida’s all-time favorite.

Same Day Service

Their passion for cars has created a perfect ground for skill perfection and individual growth for all their employees. Anyone who has had an experience with Gexhaust will tell you for free that they have a deep purpose to change the rules of the game; never ending excuses of why your car isn’t ready yet. How it developed a brand new problem and the million reasons why it still isn’t ready. Receiving these lame excuses always makes me want to pluck my own eyeballs out and check myself in at an asylum. Read More...

Finding The Perfect Man Cave

Location, location, location, when searching for the right man cave it is all about location. The location alone can make or break the man cave. Having the best man cave in the wrong house can take away from the man cave and make it seem less impressive. For anyone who is planning on building the best man cave, the right location is a must. When it comes to building the perfect man cave there are a few things that you need to take into consideration about your location.

The first and most important thing to consider is are you happy at the location? If you are not planning on living at your current location for a long time building your man cave there would be pMy Man Caveointless. You would be building it for the next person who is going to live there after you move. The second thing that needs to be taken into consideration should be space. Is the area that you chose to turn into the man cave spacious enough? When thinking about space, try to picture all the activities that you are going to be doing to make sure the man cave is ready and not a crowded room.

When it comes to finding the perfect place, everyone has their own idea of what they consider perfect. For me, the perfect location was a bit hard to find. The dream location for me was a spacious 4 bedroom and 3 bath house that was walking distance from the beach. For a while, it was just a dream that I hoped one day would come true. I knew If I found the perfect house right away it would have been hard for me financially. That’s what I thought until an old friend of mines told me about Mortgage Masters.

Mortgage Masters made my dream come true. At first, when I was told about them I was a little bit excited but I didn’t think they were really going to be able to help me. When I called them, it was a Monday morning and I remember my man cave 2it like it was yesterday. I spoke to one of the most professional and the most helpful person. Her name was Lisa and she helped me realize that it was all possible. She stayed on the phone with me for 4 hours that day. She walked me through the entire process and broke everything down to me until I was comfortable with the process. After 6 months, she had helped me find the exact house I was looking for. With the money that I received from Mortgage Masters, I was able to purchase my dream home and turn the basement into my dream man cave.

My brand new man cave! I didn’t think I would ever leave the man cave during the first month. It was just the perfect place for me. For the first 3 months, I didn’t watch tv in any other room in the house. To create my man cave, every square inch of the basement was used. There were a total of 5 TV sets in the man cave, but the main one was the 60-inch flat screen that was mounted up on the wall. Across from the 60-inch flat screen, there were 2 rows of the most comfortable couches that were big enough to hold about to people. In the corner to the left, there were 4 of the coolest pinball machines. The View of the man cave from the entrance door will take your breath away. Read More...

Pet Boarding for Lyla

Pet Boarding for Lyla… During My Renovations

Vacations are not a luxury but rather a necessity in life, especially for those living in metropolitan cities and leading hectic and busy lifestyles. However, pet owners like me will surely agree on the fact that for us taking a vacation is a difficult proposition to carry out because of our pets. Don’t get to wrong, I love my pets but sometimes it is not possible for me to take them along with me since most of the places are not pet-friendly. The same goes for my business trips, I just cannot have my pet tag along during these trips! Pet owners who love their pets passionately will surely understand this conundrum.

My puppy’s name is Lyla and she is one of the cutest and friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet! Last month, I had to leave my home when the renovations were being completed on my man cave. I was really worried because Lyla is just six months old and I have never left her alone. Besides, being a single male, I did not have anyone else to count on for taking care of Lyla while I was away. It so happened that most of the occupants of the apartment where I lived in do not like pets, therefore I couldn’t leave Lyla with them. Also, I didn’t want to be a burden on my friends by asking them to take care of Lyla because they too have their own duties and responsibilities to shoulder.

I was so flustered that at one point of time I seriously considered cancelling the renovations. It was then I stumbled upon the advertisement of TLC Pet Boarding by chance. It was literally ‘love at first sight’ for me the moment I clicked on the link and was taken to the landing page of the website. After all, a good dog boarding establishment was what I had been requiring most desperately! The motto of the website is ‘Because your pets deserve a vacation too!’ which was the first thing that caught my attention, not to mention the cute dog and cat cartoon characters vacationing on the beach right at the top of the website!

Being a responsible and loving pet owner, it is quite natural that I would be concerned about leaving Lyla in the charge of strangers or third party companies. However, all my fears and doubts were resolved when I browsed the website further to understand the services they offer. I learnt that TLC Pet Boarding provides a secure, safe and fun place for pets to board in while their owners are out vacationing. The best thing about their pet boarding services is that the pets are kept in a cage-free environment. Since Lyla is a hyperactive puppy therefore I didn’t want her to be locked up in a cage, even if it was just for a week’s time.

Needless to say, I spent a decent amount of time checking out the website. The pictures of the indoor and outdoor areas for pets impressed me a lot and I was sure that Lyla would have a great time here. After all, this isn’t your average kennel facility, it is so much better! What I liked most about TLC Pet Boarding services is that it is not just a temporary lodging place, but rather a vacation resort for pets. Thus, pets too can have a ‘vacation’ of their own while their owners are out on holidays!

TLC Pet Boarding takes its job very seriously. In addition to offering a one-acre fenced backyard and a large indoor playpen, the place employs a three-stage air filtration system for its indoor environment. Read More...


Hi! I’m Carlos Espa, let’s be friends.

What is Espa Poker? No, we’re not a site where you go to play poker, but we can give you some cool tips for playing poker. Espa Poker is the ultimate blog for the guys and any ladies who are cool enough to hang out in the man cave. I know what you’re thinking, Finally there’s a blog for the man cave. Espa Poker is all about the man cave, the goal is to make the man cave your favorite place if it isn’t already. My name is Carlos Espa, and Espa Poker is my way to revolutionize the man cave. I am a poker fanatic if you haven’t notice that already, poker is my favorite game to play in the man cave.

Poker is the ultimate man cave game. I strongly believe the first game of poker was played over 1,000 years ago by a group of guys sitting in a circle inside of a cave. The man cave just isn’t the man cave without a poker table. This blog can be used as a guide to creating the greatest man cave ever known to any man. Here you can find activities that will make your man cave the spot for every weekend. Grab some cold ones and turn on the game because this is the official rule book to the ultimate man cave! Read More...